Xavier Llegorreta
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About Xavier

For 15 years i got the experience in aid organizations as well as leading departments of development projects. I have had a recognized record in the management of complex projects and a great knowledge of the situation in Latin America, especially from the point of view political, economic, religious, and social. I think that a high ability to establish intercultural relations and good communicator in the international area.

I have my life centered in the search for objectives and work in a team with cooperation and flexibility. My extensive experience and my availability in traveling in this last decade throughout the latin american continent and in Western Europe has enriched my life determinately in these years living in Europe where i live since 29 years ago (9 in Italy, 1 in Switzerland and 19 in Germany.

I intend with this Blog to create a space where to share my experiences in these past years and cause a transparent debate , diaphanous and creative.


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