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The destiny of Cuba

My 14 trips that I had the opportunity to make to Cuba having known a good number of people and traveled practically all the island, allows me to give an informed opinion after the death of Fidel Castro.

The international press has been abundant news of all kinds and color, of any political and apolitical orientation, of all futuristic and mythical type, so that the one who does not know the reality can not received a slight idea of what has involved the biological detachment of a character so discussed in the last century. There is MUCH real ignorance of what happens in that country.

It is interesting the reason why several leaders from important countries have not attended the ceremony in Havana. What if you see in the reports and documentaries is that you perceive a total ideological manipulation. The interviews with the adolescent students that have been forced to attend there are seen. A pity. Terrible manipulation and deep lying. Many cheer “Their ideas have not died”. There we see the complete ideologization without seeing beyond the truth.

Today everything is “maybe”, “we will see”, “to see what happens”, “hopefully”, “hopefully”. The problem is that the utopian dream of a country that waited, was never a complete reality, although Castro has achieved results in health, sport and education. Unfortunately everything was and is pure ideologizing that framed its policy. It is inevitable that 47 long years will be translated into clear and diaphanous language: it has been a dictatorship without them wanting to accept it.

Cuba is preparing for its future with a cabinet that does not seem ready to continue its legacy. Most likely it will be like a capitalist, rigid and socialist China worshiping Fidel. However Raúl’s disappearance is the next “maybe, hopefully and hopefully”.

Double moral and double language, to hold one thing in public and another thing in private is the lie established in half a century in a society that believes it with conviction. That will continue doing Raul.

It will require at least 4 to 5 generations to change a sick society with a mentality and way of thinking without ideologisms. Castro was a myth. A myth in its definition is a story that refers to special or extraordinary events as fantastic characters, which seek to give an explanation to a fact or a phenomenon.

Finally: Cubans are wrong if they think that continuing their mythical ideology will improve the country.