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Current ideology in Venezuela

In the Venezuelan case, the Venezuelan politician on the left and opponent of Chavismo, Teodoro Petkoff, believes that two features of Chavismo are:

Authoritarianism and militarism despite the fact that Chavism defines itself as a defender of a democratic socialism.

A good friend of mine, the Archbishop of Mérida, Mons. Baltasar Porras and created Cardinal recently opined that 21st century socialism is “ideologically undefined”, which seeks to “distract attention” and “looks more like a supermarket.”

The true characteristics of this socialism are populism, authoritarianism
and militarism.

This socialism that Chávez said at the time, is not predefined. Rather, Chavez said “we must transform the mode of capital and move towards a new socialism that must be built every day”

On this development of socialism in Venezuela, in its latest government program, the “Plan of the Homeland” published in June 2012, Chavez acknowledged that “the socio-economic formation that still prevails in Venezuela is capitalist and rentier in nature. He once said that “socialism has just begun to implant its own internal dynamism among us.”

This same thesis is defended by the current President Nicolás Maduro, pointing out that what is in crisis in Venezuela is the “capitalist-rentier model”.

I am sure that there is not and will not be socialism in Venezuela as history has shown but a substitute for socialism mixed with the Latin charism, disorganized, chaotic and unfair