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Will this happen in Latin America?

Resultado de imagen de democracia: instrumento válido

Austria will repeat presidential elections. The Constitutional Court, had analyzed the votes and due  “the irregularities in the vote count” presented by the nationalist party FPÖ, lost to Van ecologist Dr. Belen the decide to repeat the elections.

This news does not make anyone a winner or loser, but reinforces confidence in the rule of law and democracy.

The presidential elections held on May 22th gave as winner in 2nd round to Mr. Van der Bellen 50.3% compared to 49.7% of FPÖ, the result was the decisive vote by mail, as the counting of votes.

It was precisely the irregularities committed during the process which led to challenge the election results.

In 94 of the 117 places to vote, counting the absentee ballot began on the same day of the election and not the next day, as required by law.

The repetition of the Austrian presidential elections are expected in the fall and will give an example to the whole world that democracy with courage and respect may be the most valid instrument to govern in the XXI Century.

What joy if this could exist in our dear governments of Latin America!