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Hello! Welcome to my personal blog. I hope you like it! Here, I intend to create a space in order to share some of the many experiences that I obtained obtained trough my professional career over the years. It is my intention to offer opinions on controversial issues in a constructive and positive way and  to provoke  trough provoking dialog on contenporary themes. Mi Blog en español: xavier-legorreta.eu

How much money makes you happy?

How much money makes you happy?

What you earn affects your happiness, to a point.

A salary between $60,000 and $75,000 can bring “day-to-day feelings of happiness,” reports Fast Company, citing a global survey of 1.7 million people.

And while $95,000 (well above Americans’ average household income) is the magic figure for “achieving fulfillment,” earning anything above that may not boost emotional wellbeing.

Income isn’t the only factor for happiness, It’s not trivial, but there are other factors… social relationships, family, and friends.”